May 8 - Victory Day over Nazism in Europe

08 May, 2022

On the 77th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, there is still a war in Europe, in particular in Ukraine. The aggressor in this war is modern Russia, the successor of Soviet Russia, the ally of German Nazism in the outbreak of the Second World War.

For decades, to hide the alliance with the Nazi regime, to separate from the victory of the Allies in the Second World War and to unilaterally appropriate it, the Soviet regime established May 9 as the day of victory. At the same time, he contrasted the world war with the concept of "patriotic war" and presented it as a war between Nazi (fascist in Soviet terminology) Germany and the USSR in 1941-1945.

Since the 1960s, in the "age of immobility", when the trauma of the catastrophic consequences of the war (losses of combatants and civilians of the Soviet Union exceeded the sum of the losses of all other sides) was relatively weakened, the Soviet ideological machine turned "victory in the war" into the main myth offered to new generations. The film industry, literature, fine arts, and other direct channels of propaganda reinforced the idea that the Soviet Union alone could defeat the collective "evil West" in the form of fascist Germany, and that the "motherland" would face such a threat again.

Putin's Russia used and still uses the mythology of the "patriotic war" well, making it a tool of Russian soft power and disinformation campaign. He continues to try to stir up the sentiment of unity among the Soviet peoples, to attribute the victory over Nazism exclusively to the Soviet Union and Russia. Also, modern Russia tries to completely exclude the complicity of the Soviet Union in the outbreak of the war and the extent of the crimes committed by its totalitarian regime during the war and after the war in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Today, Putin's Russia, already openly focused on the restoration of the Soviet Union, with its aggressive rhetoric, domestic and international propaganda, disinformation campaign and war crimes, shows its connection with Soviet totalitarianism and the very icon of the enemy - Nazi Germany; Traditionally, Putin's Russia plans to celebrate Victory Day over Nazism on May 9 publicly and pompously.

Georgia, with Soviet inertia, celebrates the Victory Day over Nazism, in accordance with the will of the former metropolis, to this day on May 9. Now, during the Russia-Ukraine war, celebrating May 9 with Russia, apart from the West, is completely unacceptable. The moment has come to make a clear choice - do we stand with the Western, civilized world, whose union defeated Nazism, or remain the heirs of both evils - Nazism and Soviet Russian totalitarianism, in the world of Putin's Russia.

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