Coalition's Address to the government of Georgia

15 June, 2022

The Information Integrity Coalition is concerned that government officials associate the critical assessments of Western partners regarding Georgia's status as a candidate for EU membership with the desire to involve Georgia in the war.

Such rhetoric has nothing to do with reality and is dangerous misinformation that manipulates fear of war and deliberately discredits the Western choices of Georgian citizens. One of the long-term goals of Russian propaganda is to "pragmatically" reject the Western choice and convince our society of the need to "adjust to the new reality" after the 2008 war.

European integration is a historical choice of independent Georgia, for the achievement of which our society has paid a great price. For the population of Georgia, European integration is consciously associated with economic well-being, democratic development and - most importantly - living in freedom and peaceful environment. Only in this space is it possible to ensure our national task - freedom and long-term development.

It is unaccaptable to confuse Western values, deliberately distort them and misrepresent them to the population. This trend has been intensified in Georgia especially in the last few years by radical and destructive groups. However, today - against the background of the ongoing aggressive war in Ukraine and the debate on granting Georgia candidate status - the facts of polarization, initiation, encouragement and support of false information from media sources and ruling groups are particularly damaging. The recent rhetoric and statements of "Georgian Dream" are often inaccurate and misleading. Such statements call into question the steadfastness of the country's western course.

Georgia's American and European partners, with clear and direct messages, call on the population of Georgia to develop a critical attitude towards disinformation and propaganda narratives.

It is the responsibility of the Government of Georgia not to put the country's national interests at risk, to achieve narrow party goals and to provide the public with correct information about European integration. The Coalition for Information Reliability requires the Georgian authorities to respect the choices of Georgian citizens and to reject rhetoric that contradicts the historical choices of the Georgian people.

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